BackerKit Changelog: February 2017

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Changelog is our regular update that highlights recent additions to the BackerKit backer management system.

Partial Fulfillment

Project creators can now use BackerKit to split individual backer rewards into multiple shipments and easily keep track of backers with orders that are partially fulfilled.

While we recommend that creators ship out rewards in a single package to save on shipping costs, we understand that some creators end up in situations where some reward items become available months before other reward items are ready to ship and they don’t want to make backers wait. Our partial fulfillment features make this split-shipment task easy to manage.

Please contact your customer success manager if you’d like to enable this feature for your project.

PayPal Payments

We’ve had PayPal payment support since last year, but now it’s officially built into the application. Backers can now pay for survey add-on items and pre-orders with PayPal in addition to paying via credit card through Stripe. PayPal payment support is available for Professional and Enterprise plans.

New BackerKit Blog: All or Nothing

We have a new blog! You’re looking at it right now. We’re in a unique position here at BackerKit where we have the opportunity to work with hundreds of successful crowdfunding creators every single month and All or Nothing is our way of giving back to the creator community.

Planning, running, and fulfilling a crowdfunding campaign is hard work. This new blog is a place for us to share tips, tactics, and strategies from successful crowding creators all over the world.

Help Desk Integration

Project creators can now connect their BackerKit projects to their Zendesk, Help Scout, or help desk software to automatically pull in backer data and backer management links from BackerKit to enrich support ticket information.

Please contact your customer success manager if you’d like to enable this feature for your project.

Quick Start Guide Improvements

The Quick Start Guide walks creators through every step of the BackerKit set-up process between signing up and hitting ‘send’ on surveys. We’ve added more preview survey links and reorganized the guide to make it easier to enter required information and find important sections in the application.

Everyone loves checkmarks, but sometimes people mark steps as finished without completing¬†them. We’ve changed the pre-orders and support steps to automatically mark as checked once all required fields are completed.

Raised in BackerKit

We’ve improved the ‘Raised in BackerKit’ report on the project dashboard with more detailed information.¬†

The report now shows the total amount of add-on sales and pre-orders, the amount that has yet to be charged, the failed payments total, and the amount successfully charged.

D.R.E.A.M. Data Rules Everything Around Me

Exports now show a completion percentage once you start running a data export request from your project page. We’ve also redesigned the data exports page to make the more popular export reports easier to find.