BackerKit Changelog: March 2017

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Changelog is our regular update that highlights recent additions to the BackerKit backer management system.

Activity Feed

We’ve added an Activity Feed to the dashboard to give admins an easy to see log of what’s going on in the project. Actions such as importing backers, locking down backers, charging backer credit cards, marking orders as ready to ship, and creating backer segments will all appear in the Activity Feed. 

New Data Export Reports

Our exports section has two new reports: “Tracking Numbers” and “Freeform Question Responses”. The Tracking Numbers report will give you a list of all shipped backers with tracking numbers. The Freeform Question Responses report will give you all backers along with their freeform text responses to survey and add-on item questions.    

We’ve also significantly increased export report generation speed and added an email notification when reports are ready for download.


Project admins can now add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking IDs to track pre-order store traffic.

Backer Email Log

We’ve added an “Emails” tab to the backer profile page where admins can see what emails have been sent to the backer through the BackerKit system. The section will log survey emails, survey response confirmations, survey reminders, and alert emails such as failed payment notifications. Note that only emails sent after 3/29/2017 will be logged.

Power Search

We’ve upgraded the in-project search tool. Use it to instantly find backers, SKUs,  pledge levels while you type. Read more about it in our Power Search Release Update.

Recently Visited

The dashboard has a new “Recently Visited” navigation box that provides quick links to project sections and backer profile pages that you’re recently viewed.

Dashboard Graphs

We’re testing out new display graphs for funds raised, surveys answered, and backer support inquiries per day on the project dashboard.

Crowdfunding Guides

We’ve launched our new crowdfunding guides page along with our first guide: The Practical Guide to Running a Crowdfunding Campaign!