BackerKit Changelog: October 2017

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Changelog highlights recent updates and additions to the BackerKit backer management system.

Address Validation

  • Improved the address validation flow to make it clearer when we find a more accurate address.


  • Creators now have the option to add a Retail Price that will appear next to an add-on.

External Links

  • Creators can now add links to external sites that appear for backers when they complete the survey.

  Creator Improvements

  • Refunds processed via Stripe now appear when viewing a backer’s page.
  • Creators can now access more detailed stats about Support Tickets when they first send out surveys.
  • Creators who have several projects can now segment for backers that pledged in multiple campaigns.
  • Creators now see a list of the Community Feed on the Dashboard.

Bug Fixes/Improvements:

  • Implemented new Stripe credit card form for additional security.
  • Funds raised via PayPal are now included in daily emails.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing price amounts in Shipstation to sometime appear as doubled.
  • Backers who have completed their survey are now directed to the Community page when returning to BackerKit to keep up to date with the project.
  • Cleaned up the flow on survey questions to make next steps more obvious.
  • Improved the daily updates sent to creators to be more informative.


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