February 2020—Pre-order Widget Analytics & More

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager


New Pre-order Widget Analytics

We now have better analytics tracking when using the BackerKit Pre-order Widget. We’ve made a few improvements to make sure that this tracking data gets passed correctly, and if you need to have complex referral tracking, you can now track where your orders are coming from!

Performance Marketing Referral Tracking

We made some visual improvements on the referral tracking page for performance marketing clients. It is now easier to see the impact that we are driving, and highlighted the “funds raised” vs. the “billable” amount.

Onboarding Automations

Creators who use our Pledge Manager are now able to authorize with Kickstarter or Indiegogo. This allows our system to automatically detect created projects even if they are not live yet, which allows creators to start using Launch for their pre-live projects. Authorizing also makes it easier for the BackerKit Pledge Manager to automatically fetch up-to-date backer data after the campaign is over.



  • United Kingdom update: Removed the UK from places in BackerKit that reference the EU including shipping fees and added a check in our automated setup review to make sure creators know about that update.
  • Pre-order lockdown: Fixed a bug that allowed some pre-order backers to cancel their order after being locked-down. 
  • Launch updates: 
    • Creators can now remove admins from their Launch account.
    • Made it easier for creators to distinguish between live projects and upcoming projects in Launch. Fixed a bug that was not showing the project title correctly if the project signed up before it was live on Kickstarter. 
  • Taxes: Tax information is now included in the “Backer Funding” export.
  • Exports: The “Pack List” export is now available when using the split shipping feature.