June 2020 — New Launch Template & More

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager


Product Updates will be getting a new formatting look to better serve Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding creators with BackerKit product information on Launch, Performance Marketing (Ads and Newsletter), and Pledge Manager, as well as global BackerKit account changes.






  • Choose which services to use when adding a new project: After signing up a new project in BackerKit, creators will no longer be automatically directed to the Pledge Manager. Instead, you will have the option to select which services (Launch, Ads, Newsletter, or Pledge Manager) make the most sense for you at that time.
  • Smoother BackerKit onboarding: New splash screens signal the end of all product onboardings to clarify when onboarding is finished.



  • Link directly to your Kickstarter campaign: Members no longer have to navigate to a landing page to get to your Kickstarter campaign. You can now put your Kickstarter URL directly in your Launch email, while still being able to track performance
  • New email template: Use the Before Launch (w/ Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page) template to drum up excitement about your project and get your existing audience to follow your Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page. 
  • Kickstarter Ref codes added to every Launch email: Want take a deeper look into how your Launch emails are performing? Kickstarter Ref codes not only make it possible to track Launch performance directly on your Kickstarter dashboards, but also enable you to do a closer analysis of your results. In BackerKit, you can track members who received an email but didn’t pledge during that session. In Kickstarter, you can track members who pledged in the same session, which is useful if you have a large number of members who haven’t backed one of your previous campaigns.
  • Improved filtering: Setting an email to filter out “members who already pledged” now also filters out customers who pre-ordered the project on BackerKit


Performance Marketing Ads & Newsletter

  • Ads and Newsletter dashboards: When viewing the dashboards, it’s now clear which services you are using. 
  • Newsletter preview: When applying for the newsletter, creators can now see a preview of what the newsletter feature will potentially look like.


Pledge Manager

  • Charge cards directly after backers complete the survey. If you’ve already fulfilled and are dealing with late backers, you no longer have to continually lock down and charge on a one off basis if you don’t want to
  • Set a pledge level to “not be taxable”: Many creators don’t have to collect tax on donation pledge tiers or, in some cases, digital only tiers. If you are charging taxes on pledge levels, this update allows creators to select pledge levels that shouldn’t have their fee be taxed.
  • Warning message to ensure add-ons are set up correctly: Before submitting your project for review, you will be shown a warning message if add-ons contain words like “upgrade” or “custom,” since it’s sometimes better to set up these add-ons in a different way. 
  • Locking addresses: You can now “Lock addresses with Notice” on a segment of backers instead of all backers that are eligible.
  • Enhanced Expected Revenue report:
    • You can see a timestamp of when an order was completed so you can better understand what your potential revenue may be. 
    • The new “Balance” field allows you to see any backers that have not used all of their allotted funds.
  • Search for backers by package ID: If the only information you have about a backer is their package ID, you can now use that ID to find them using the project search bar.
  • Get ready for your next project: We now ask creators to tell us about any upcoming projects when they finish their previous project, so we can make sure to help as their launch date approaches
  • Bug fixes:
    • Potential pre-order store customers who started the checkout process but didn’t finish before the creator closed down the store will no longer receive an “abandoned cart” email.
    • Backers who aren’t getting anything shipped will no longer see a message telling them that creators are preparing their order for shipment.