March 2020—VAT Invoice Customization & More

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager


VAT Invoice Customization

Creators with EU-friendly campaigns can now customize invoices for their backers. You can add a VAT number and VAT address on the “tax rules” page. The information will appear on the pack list, and backers can see it on their confirmation page and in their confirmation email.

Add-on Stretch Goals

This feature is finally out of beta! Didn’t hit a stretch goal item in your original campaign? Create a stretch goal item in BackerKit that will only be available if enough backers pledge to purchase it. This feature is available for creators who are not using PayPal.

Indiegogo Improvements

We now pull in FAQs from Indiegogo into FAQs into BackerKit, which saves creators time and makes sure their content is consistent. For creators who extend the length of their Indiegogo campaign, BackerKit now imports backers after the new end date.



  • Copy FAQs between projects: For creators with multiple projects, but have similar project FAQs, we have made it easier to copy FAQs from one project to another in BackerKit. Creators can now save time and make sure they keep their backers accurately informed.
  • Duplicating segment filters: When you create a new segment, it is now easier to copy the filter parameters of an existing segment over. You are also able to modify those filters in the new segment. 
  • Fixed “canceled pre-order” bug: The “canceled pre-order” email that is sent to a backer now sends them to a specific project’s pre-order store instead of the public website page with all pre-order stores on BackerKit.
  • Launch updates:
    • You can now press an “update” button to fetch the most up-to-date data from your project on Kickstarter to Launch. Our system already automatically syncs data daily, but this feature allows you to pull data at that moment.
    • When adding projects to Launch, it is now easier to identify which projects are not live in Kickstarter yet. 
    • Creators can add a “Permission Reminder” to each import of new members. This will remind your recipients why they are on your list. Adding a reminder is important because it will help cut down on confusion on why they are receiving this email, and will reduce members from accidentally marking your email as spam. Members will see this message at the bottom of the email.
    • Creators can now remove a project that they accidentally imported to their Launch account.
  • SKU availability count: Creators can now see the SKU availability count on the SKU-Item Counts export.