May 2020 — “No Reward” Backer Survey Settings & More

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager


Product Updates will be getting a new formatting look to better serve Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding creators with BackerKit product information on Launch, Performance Marketing (Ads and Newsletter), and Pledge Manager, as well as global BackerKit account changes.





  • See all BackerKit product offerings: In addition to being able to select a BackerKit product (Launch, Ads, Newsletter, Pledge Manager) from your BackerKit projects index page, you are also now able to see all the BackerKit services within each project.
  • Easily switch between products: You can now switch between tools for a given project in the dropdown located in the top left corner of your admin dashboard.



  • Email sending status visibility: You are now able to see the status of an email campaign you are currently sending.
  • Members name visibility: Exporting member data from Launch now includes the member’s name with their email address.


Performance Marketing Ads & Newsletter

  • Ads and newsletter dashboards: Performance Marketing products now have their own dashboards separate from other BackerKit products.
  • Improved BackerKit Team tools: We have continued to build out robust backend tools for our Performance Marketing team so that they can better analyze and perform changes to our ads.


Pledge Manager

  • 1 email sent for “No Reward” backers: Most creators want to give backers who have pledged to the “No Reward” pledge level of their campaign one last chance to change their pledge when they send out the BackerKit survey. For backers that do not want to change their reward level even after being asked a second time, we’ve improved the backer experience by now only sending “No Reward” pledge level backers 1 “last chance” email when creators send their project survey.
  • “No Reward” backers can disable surveys: Backers with a BackerKit Backer Account can now disable receiving surveys for projects that they back at the “No Reward” pledge level.
  • VAT/Taxes amounts in Pack List: VAT/Taxes amounts now appear in the funding section on each package in the Pack List export.
  • Sortable add-on and pre-order item categories: While creators sort individual items for item add-on or pre-order items, they will also be able to sort the item categories.
  • Backer Account credit card bug fixed: Backers can now change the card on any individual order, even after they have updated their card in their Backer Account to be applied to all orders.
  • Platform-switching bug fix: Invalid/errored credentials are no longer displayed when switching platform credentials on a project.