November 2020 — BackerKit Launch for Indiegogo & more

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Product Updates covers what the BackerKit team has been building for BackerKit Launch, Marketing (Ads and Newsletter), and Pledge Manager, as well as global BackerKit account changes to better serve Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding creators.




  • Get tips every crowdfunding creator should know: We’ve added links to useful BackerKit guides about how to have a succesful project launch to the project dashbord if you have yet to launch your project.
  • Start developing your pre-launch plan: Want to make sure your project is on the right track? Creators can now add information to a pre-launch checklist on the project dashboard page.


  • Launch for Indiegogo: BackerKit Launch is now available for Indiegogo projects. Creators can get real-time pledge results and see how their Launch emails are contributing to their project’s performance. 
  • Formatting text is a cinch: Links to helpdocs that detail how to format your landing page are now shown in Launch.

Marketing (Ads & Newsletter)

  • Improved conversion tracking: We’ve built tools that allow our team to get a more accurate picture of marketing performance. 

Pledge Manager

  • Improved Kickstarter Add-On support: BackerKit customers using Kickstarter’s new add-on feature can expect a more streamlined experience. We can now pull in shipping fees and add-ons that are marked as hidden on Kickstarter. 
  • Stripe statement descriptor: Not knowing how charges will appear on a backers’ bank statements can cause confusion and may even lead to chargebacks. Now, in payment setup, creators can see their Stripe statement descriptor. 
  • It’s easier than ever for backers to find their surveys: We added a link to find your survey on the backer password reset page.
  • Survey preview for creators: Creators, when previewing what the survey looks like for their project, can view it as someone who has not yet paid for shipping.