Product Update: October 1, 2018

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Status Bar for long-running tasks

  • When creators Lock Orders, Charge Cards or Lock Addresses, it may take some time for these tasks to finish. Creators can now view the progress of these tasks at the bottom of each page as they navigate BackerKit.

Status Bar

Pre-orders on the Dashboard

  • Creators can now see pre-order information when viewing the dashboard.
  • This new infobox includes the count of pre-order referral sources, which is useful when determining which marketing method is driving the most orders.

Pre-order info on the Dashboard

Pre-order Improvements

  • Creators can now have the items in the pre-order store use a different sort order than the items that backers see when viewing add-ons.
  • Creators can change the text of the button below each item on the pre-order page.
  • Pre-order backers can now see a count of items in their cart.

Search Improvements

  • Creators can now view a list of recently visited pages on the search bar.
  • Creators can now search for FAQs and Generated Items in the search bar.
  • Creators can now see detailed search results when searching from the search bar.

Detailed Search Results

Other Features

  • Creators can now filter by our new backer statuses when creating segments.
  • Creators can now view a list of pre-order or campaign backers from the Lock Orders and Charge Cards page.
  • Backers who write into BackerKit support requesting a refund of their original campaign pledge will have their email automatically forwarded to the support contact for the project.
  • Backers now see edit order instead of view confirmation if their order has not been locked down when returning to the survey.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Creators are now redirected to the shipping fees instruction tab if no shipping fees have been created.
  • Completed survey count since midnight is now more accurately calculated on the dashboard.
  • The count of backers ready to receive tracking number notifications is now more accurately calculated from the Shipped page.
  • The project title is now displayed on each transaction when a backer makes a PayPal payment.
  • Whole Order Shipping is now correctly displayed on the Add-on page if Whole Order Shipping is applied to the project.
  • If a new digital distribution results in an error, we now allow you to submit again on the page without refreshing.
  • Added more checkout steps when looking at pre-order statistics on Google Analytics.
  • Creators can no longer save variants that do not have an option name.
  • When copying a backer by clicking Create new Pledge the new backer will now be put into the same pledge level instead of a random one.