Product Update: Sept 10, 2018

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Dashboard Changes

  • Creators now see new modules on the dashboard including survey completion percentage, funds raised, and most popular add-ons
  • This includes a daily snapshot on each module which shows new surveys and funds since midnight. This is useful to see the changes that are happening while the creator was away from the app

Survey Completion percentage on the Dashboard

Backer Status Changes

  • We have renamed the statuses shown on a backer profile to better align with the new Actions pages that are on the left navigation bar
  • When backers go through their survey, they also see an updated timeline that educates them about next steps

Updated status for Backers

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Backers are reminded to checkout project updates for more info when viewing shipping updates.
  • The automatic setup review now checks if creators have a shipping profile that is not applied to any add-ons.
  • Action buttons for pre-order backers are hidden if their are no pre-order backers on the project
  • Creators can retry declined charges on “Charge Cards” action page
  • Creators can search for country codes, as well as names, when adding shipping countries to a shipping region.
  • Improved the Amazon Fulfillment export
  • Made improvements to how we calculate the amount of Follow Up Questions on the Counts page
  • Phone numbers are now imported when pulling in Indiegogo backers
  • Whole order shipping costs are now correctly calculated on funding reports