Release Update: Power Search

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

We’ve made BackerKit’s search tool more dynamic and easier to use. Power Search is a system-wide search tool that allows project creators to have all the information they need at their fingertips. You can use it to find backers, look up specific SKUs or  pledge levels, navigate the app, and much more.

Previously, BackerKit’s search function could only search for backers by name. The new Power Search feature makes the search function much more powerful, and allows project creators to retrieve information easily without having to browse through the application.

We know that managing data can be challenging. A dynamic, responsive search tool makes this process more efficient, providing you with instantaneous results and saving you the time of clicking through menu options.

It’s simple and intuitive to use. The BackerKit app autocompletes the search field with suggestions, so you don’t even have to finish typing to find a specific item or settings page.

Happy searching!