Release Update: Shipping Tables

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

We’ve introduced a new feature that offers a flexible way to calculate shipping fees for add-ons in the BackerKit app.

Previously, BackerKit supported stacked-on shipping fees for add-ons, which applied a flat fee to each item added to a backer’s shopping cart. While this approach suited some project creators, others found they needed a more complex fee structure based on weight or quantity.

Weight-based shipping fees are determined by the cumulative weight of add-on items in a backer’s cart. This is a cost-efficient option for project creators with lightweight goods.

Quantity-based shipping fees are customized according to the number of add-on items in an order. For instance, this option could allow you to offer free shipping once a backer orders a specific number of items, or apply a special fee based on the quantity of goods ordered. 

Our shipping tables feature makes this simple. Project creators can now apply weight-based and quantity-based shipping fees to add-ons, or set up unique fee configurations for specific items. Shipping tables can also be configured to charge a flat fee for the first item ordered, and then apply a smaller fee for subsequent items.

Here’s an example of how shipping tables can be tailored to fit your project’s needs.

Shipping tables are available to use for all project creators. Here’s how you can set them up for your project in BackerKit.

Happy shipping!