Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

We’ve funded! What a First Day!
5 months ago
by Greater Than Games
Nature... Incarnate!
With your help, we can now bring Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate to life!
We did it! This project reached this goal!

Goal: $40,000This goal was reached on Oct 18, 2022 8:12am PDT

Absolutely incredible! We funded in under 15 minutes! You thousands of day one backers are wonderful and we wouldn’t be here without your support and care. Thank you so much for making the first few hours (seriously just let that sink in how much has happened in such a short amount of time) absolutely mind-blowing.

You’re all probably ready and waiting to know what’s in store for the campaign. There wasn’t a lot of detail about the spirits, powers, or anything on that main page! While we would love to have all of that information for you up front (as it’s already in our pocket waiting), the main page would simply be too long with all the information we’re excited to tell you. Instead, we’re going to be bringing you a series of updates to this campaign, each going in depth on specific Spirits, interviews with the designer and the developers, and lots of information about Aspects, powers, and more!

However, we also have been in the comments and seen just how many questions you all have. We can’t possibly respond to each and every individual comment, especially at the rate they’re currently coming in, but know that we see them and that we hear you. We have answers to your questions, and we’ll be providing them in each update, this one included!

Answers To Questions

Our intention is that Nature Incarnate will be fully filled by the end of 2023. That’s not a blow-by-blow timeline, which we know! We can’t get more specific with deadlines, months, or quarters at this time as we need to allow room for production and shipping. As the project advances through production, we will have better estimates on delivery, but our goal is to give you realistic facts now instead of promising an unrealistic date and failing to meet it. So, for now, know that we should have it to you in about a year’s time, give or take a couple months, and we’ll keep you updated as to the production process with at the very least monthly updates after this first month of the campaign wraps up.

The Premium Foil Spirit Panels for Nature Incarnate are included as a bonus for every backer who pledges to support Nature Incarnate. Since we’re fulfilling individual pledge tiers as complete bundles, we won’t be separating the Nature Incarnate Premium Foil Spirit Panels out from pledges during this campaign. On that note, Nature Incarnate has standard punchboard style Spirit Panels, matching the published Spirit Panels from previous expansions. We have not changed the design or construction of the Spirit Panels included in the expansion.

The new Premium Token Pack #2 resembles Premium Token Pack #1 in terms of quality, but with completely different contents: quality silk-screened wood tokens for a variety of uses specific to Nature Incarnate, as well as reminder tokens. This set includes Incarna tokens for the Spirits and aspects that use the Incarna mechanic, as well as three kinds of tokens that are unique to three different spirits in this set — but you’ll learn more about those Spirits and their tokens in future updates.

How about the fabled Big Box storage solution for everything Spirit Island? Here’s the thing: we’re not done with Spirit Island yet, and there’s more on the horizon! R. Eric Reuss and the team have a gameplan on what expansions are yet to come, and there’s always the chance for more games like Horizons of Spirit Island, where we’re offered the opportunity to create even more Spirit Island! If we release a complete collection box, it’s entirely possible that by the time your collection is complete, it’ll have outgrown that box. So, we hope to create a storage solution for you one day that solves for all of those possibilities, but that is beyond the scope of the current campaign.

There have been a number of questions about the costs and differences in pledge levels, asking about MSRP and campaign discounts. Each pledge level (and related add-on bundle) is available with a notable discount vs the MSRP of each item in that bundle combined. Due to some last minute adjustments to the quantity of card sleeves in various bundles, the discount is not even across the board from level to level, but they each have a decent discount, with some ranging up to a very high discount — no one is getting short-changed, but some levels are getting even better rates. Our error, but in your favor! So, back at the level that contains the things you most want, rest assured in the knowledge that you’re getting a decent discount, no matter what. 

Why can’t previously purchased items be purchased individually through this campaign? The short answer is that we want to simplify the complexity of fulfillment. We handle our campaign fulfillment through our own warehouse and incredible logistics team based in St. Louis, Missouri! Each currently published product offered in this campaign — from the core game and previous expansions, to card sleeves, to foil Spirit Panels — are available through our site and are already (or soon will be) available to order through your friendly local gaming store. Adding individual items to each backer order would extend the length of fulfillment by quite a bit — we’re talking weeks or even months here. After working through all the details, we decided it was better to offer new content packaged together, and to also offer a number of choices for people who are getting into the game for the first time and want to collect everything we have to offer. Existing fans can find the items they haven’t collected yet through our online store or through local stores in the United States.

International Shipping and Add-On Options

Spirit Island fans outside of the United States have had to deal with increased costs of shipping, import fees, and increased charges for ages as the board game industry’s costs of shipping continue to rise. With that in mind, we have made a decision based on your feedback: post-campaign, the pledge levels that are being fulfilled by Board and Dice and Let’s Play Games will have the opportunity to pick and choose which items they want added-on, unlike domestic US pledges.

All of the products associated with this campaign will be manufactured in China and should leave China via the Port of Shanghai. Fulfillment for this campaign will happen from three locations. For all countries in Europe (Zone A or Zone B) whether or not they are in the EU, fulfillment will be handled by Board & Dice out of Poland. Thanks to our acquisition last year by Flat River Group, and Flat River Group's subsequent acquisition of Synapses Games, we now have access to a warehouse in Belgium as well as favorable import rates for Europe. We will be sending one (or more, if necessary) full cargo container of products from Shanghai to Belgium, where they will be unloaded. The product for Kickstarter fulfillment will then be shipped on to Board & Dice in Poland, while other items from the shipment will remain in Belgium for later distribution in Europe. For Australia and New Zealand (part of Zone B), fulfillment will be handled by Let's Play Games in Australia. Let's Play Games will arrange to pick up the goods that they need for fulfillment directly from Shanghai and transport them to their Australian fulfillment center. For all other orders, fulfillment will be handled by the Greater Than Games warehouse in St. Louis, MO, USA. We will ship all of the cargo containers necessary to St. Louis via whichever port is most efficient at the time.

After the campaign ends, backers whose orders will be fulfilled by Board & Dice or by Let's Play Games will have the ability to purchase individual products from the Spirit Island line individually at full MSRP and add them to their pledge. Because the fulfillment groups from these locations will be smaller than the US location, this should not slow down fulfillment too much. Additionally, Spirit Island fans in these locations have typically had a very hard time getting product without paying an exorbitant amount in shipping, so we hope that this helps you pick up anything that you're missing! For other backers, most of whom are in the US or Canada, please order any products you are missing from your Friendly Local Gaming Store, from our website, or from Amazon! The majority of these products are available right now, and the rest will be back in stock in 4-6 weeks. Shipping will be roughly similar to what it would be on this campaign but with the added benefit of getting you the products right away and not slowing down fulfillment in the future.

On the note of international backers, the localization of Nature Incarnate is not part of this campaign. We have many new options to make that happen due to our partnership with Synapses Games through Flat River Group, but we are still working out the details on translation. Rest assured that we’re working on it! It’s just not part of this campaign.

Thank you for backing!

We've got so much more to share with you! Our updates, as they come, will reveal details about the Spirits included in Nature Incarnate and are written by R. Eric Reuss, the Nature Incarnate dev team, and members of Greater Than Games. You can look forward to interviews, insights, mechanics, and more over the coming weeks.

Thank you for all of your questions, comments, and concerns. If you have more, please ask! We may not be able to answer each person individually, but we’ll respond as we see more questions come up in the coming weeks. As for the rest of the campaign, you can look forward to more updates soon! The BackerKit “Achievement” system is now up and running and will pave the way for more updates with both information and answers to questions! Thank you all, again!

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