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4 months ago

Project Update: Shipped out for Non-Europeans

Hello again, folks. We’ve got an update for the rest of the world outside of Europe. Europeans you’re free from another update. For everyone else, if you’re not yet caught up to the European situation here and here are our most recent updates on what’s happening. 

Some good news, though for the rest of the world, all of the fulfillment is now complete! If you somehow haven’t gotten a package (or all of your items), something has gone amiss and you should definitely email us at [email protected]  However, you should know we might be a little slow to reply next week because…

We’ll be at Gen Con! What’s Gen Con? Gen Con is the largest board game convention in North America and one of the coolest places to be. We’ll be in booth 1521, so drop by and say hello!

So, that’s all for this time around! We’ll be keeping our European backers updated as soon as we know more information, but the rest of you are all set to go. Again, if you need us, please reach out to [email protected] 





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