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4 months ago

Project Update: A Europe Update

Hello, everyone. This update is for our European backers only, so our other backers, please enjoy the rest of your day.

Now, onto the update. Bailey here once again after having several meetings. I'd like to thank all of you for your patience, and a personal thank you for your kindness to me specifically.

Before answering these questions, we want to acknowledge that this is a less than ideal situation. It's pretty bad. We truly do apologize for any inconvenience created.

But, alright, what can we do about it. How are we going to move forward?

Unfortunately, the 12 week delay looks like a hard limit. There is not an alternative at this time. That 12 weeks should include delivery from the manufacturer to Board & Dice. If there are (fate forbid it) any other shipping delays outside of that, you'll obviously be the first to know.

Here is what we can offer right now: refunds and partial refunds. Anyone who would like their pledge cancelled is more than welcome to that. You are also welcome to partial refunds! If you would like to only refund NI itself but still receive tokens or sleeves from us, partial refunds are an option.

Some of you have noticed that there are retail outlets advertising a sooner date than our 12 week estimate here. Please be advised that this was a miscommunication to the retailers. The retail release will be delayed due to this situation. This was relayed to retailers today, so there should be updates coming on estimated delivery dates.

The fastest and most effective way to receive a refund or to contact us about anything else is to email [email protected]. Comments here can unfortunately get lost due to the upvote-algorithm nature, so please please please be sure to email.

I am at the inbox right now and working through emails as quickly as possible!

Thank you for your patience with us here. And, again, we do apologize for this unfortunate situation. The good news is that the game will still deliver before our original projected date on this campaign, but we understand that is only a slight silver lining.

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