Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Thank you to all 11,501 backers!
4 months ago
by Greater Than Games
Well, folks, we made it! Here we are on the final update to thank each and every one of you. This literally is not possible without all of you. We've been blown away again and again by your continued support and the sheer amount of you. Again, thank you so much for bringing us all the way here.

For those of you who have never backed a crowdfunding campaign with us before, we’d like to offer you a warm welcome and special thank you! We’ll be explaining our general process now that we’re funded on how we get the product to you, what we think the timeline is, and how we’ll keep the process updated.

First, let’s cover the timeline. Here’s the roadmap ahead.

Estimated Timeline for Fulfillment

  • November-December 2022 — Finishing up the last few details on development and getting the print files ready to hand over to the printer.. The vast majority of the game was already set to go, but we want to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb.
  • December 2022-January 2023 — We send the files to the printers, exchange some back and forth to make sure everything is perfect, and then printing gets started.
  • February-March 2023 — A pre-production proof arrives. This is about as final as it could get before it starts to print.
  • March-June 2023— Nature Incarnate production! The game is printed and packaged in cases, which then get loaded into cargo containers! This is the biggest step.
  • June-July 2023 — Said containers wait for their turn to be shipped.
  • July-September 2023 — It travels across the sea and then waits for its turn to be allowed into port. 
  • October-November 2023 — The game arrives and fulfillment can begin! You’ll be getting your packages sometime by the end of the year

This timeline is more or less what each different fulfillment area is going to be dealing with. This is the part where I put the big, bold, italicized disclaimer: These are all estimates. Not only that, these are estimates with plenty of time padded in to account for things like… shipping mishaps or major holidays for factory workers. We’re hoping the games arrive to you sooner, but this is a pretty realistic timeline just in case. Of course, this is not accounting for any other major world changing events like supply chain issues. How will you know what’s going on? Great question.

How You’ll Be In The Know

For now, you don’t need to give us any information or finalize your pledge. There’s a crowdfunding manager to fill out with your final order, address, et cetera later. What about knowing what will happen in between then and when the package(s) actually arrive? How will you, dear backers, know what’s happening with the development and production of Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate? Wonderful news! Every first Tuesday of the month, Greater Than Games updates all pending crowdfunding campaigns. We tell you what we’ve been doing, the status of the project/shipping, and share any fun images of the design process when we can!

Some Updates on the Token Pack

Yesterday’s update contained details about Premium Token Pack #2. We did originally promise the reminder tokens, but neglected to include them! That was a mistake on our part. Now, we’ve made room to include both reminder and element tokens after yesterday’s feedback. Here’s the updated and expanded list of components:
  • 7 Incarna Tokens
  •  24 Deeps Tokens
  •  18 Vitality Tokens
  •  20 Quake Tokens
  •  72 Elements Tokens
  •  6 Fear Markers
  •  27 Single Turn Effect Markers (Defend)
  •  27 Single Turn Effect Markers (Isolate)

Here’s what they will look like, made of wood!

OK! We’ve covered the timeline going forward and how we’re going to keep you updated. It’s a lot of information dumped on you at once, so that’s about all that I have time for! We’ll see you soon!

Ah, just kidding. Of course I did not forget the little teaser reward for those who carefully followed the interviews!

What were the Spirits and aspects from the Dev Team Interview?

Alright, here it is for our eagle-eyed readers: Wounded Waters gave the whole dev team the most trouble! Honestly, after yesterday’s write up, is it any wonder with the complexity of it? That wasn’t all that was hidden away, though, for the especially eagle eyed readers!

Emilia’s Aspect she was most excited for was Mentor. Nick’s was Unconstrained. Christopher’s Aspect was Lair.

And that really is the end of the campaign! It’s been a wild month with an amazing turn out, which we still cannot thank you enough for, still absolutely blown away by. We will see you on the first Tuesday of the month where we likely won’t have anything too major to report, but it makes everything easier to keep it all nice and neat and in one place. We’ll see you then!

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