Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Pledge Manager Surveys Headed Out!
4 months ago
by Greater Than Games
Happy late November, everyone! Very quick, early update: we’re sending out the pledge manager surveys for you tomorrow! This is your opportunity to tell us your address, fill out all of your shipping information, and finalize your order. This way, as soon as the game is ready to be shipped, you won’t have anything to do but wait and watch your tracking information with anticipation.

Some of you may not get them until Friday! Hey, there are thousands of you and no system can take sending that many emails at once. Please don’t worry until it’s been over a week since this update. If you still haven’t gotten your survey by then, reach out to contact@greaterthangames.com and we’ll be able to help send that survey along.

“But,” I hear you ask, “what if I have to change addresses between now and whenever in 2023 that the game will be to me?” No worries! Send a message over to contact@greaterthangames.com as soon as you know your new address. We’ll be able to update you in the system without a problem. We’ll also be able to take care of any shipping discrepancies at that time. 

That covers it for now! Stay tuned for next Tuesday where we’ll bring you our first official post-campaign update!


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