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12 months ago

Project Update: Tokens & Foils are on a Boat!

Hello again, everyone! Some great news to share with you all this time around: Premium Token Pack #2 and the Nature Incarnate Foils are on a boat! They are headed this way and should reach the US by the beginning of July. This means we could be shipping your copy of Nature Incarnate to you as early as late July. How exciting is that! 

Of course, that’s if everything stays according to plan. Keep in mind that these products still have to cross an entire ocean. We’ll keep you posted if something happens to end up delaying this process, but we’re pretty confident that everything will be fine and dandy. And thus notably ahead of schedule!

I’m sure a significant portion of you have one thing on your mind hearing this news: address changes. Let’s talk getting those updated. This is not the final call for address changes, but it’s getting pretty close. That won’t come until the product arrives here next month and we begin processing. If you’re going to be changing addresses soon, please be sure to reach out to us with the new information!

Most of you seem to have done a fantastic job of reaching out to me to get your addresses up to date. Please keep up that great work. We want to make sure that we can get the product to you! But, there are some of you that are in a little bit of a limbo, especially considering the fact that we only have an estimate of late July. Some of you might be moving around then! Don’t worry; we’ll be able to help you. 

Whether you need to update your address or communicate your specific circumstance, please be sure to email [email protected]. Then, I’ll be able to guide you through on which address to use or be able to update it for you right then and there. Simple!

That’s all we have for now, folks. Great news of Nature Incarnate getting one step closer to your hands. Woo! See you next month where we’ll hopefully have a final call for address changes!






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