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Project Update: Printers & Pre-orders!

Welcome to the first update post-funding, everyone! Thank you all for joining us. As promised, we’re going to be bringing you updates on our progress for the game as well as other bookkeeping, like updates about the pledge manager. If you didn’t catch our surprise update on that last Thursday, here it is. 

Quick summary on the pledge manager update: the surveys have been sent out! You should have received your email by now, but give it up to a week before reaching out. If you have any concerns or questions regarding changing your address or getting your pledge, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]. Any questions on the technical side of BackerKit should go directly to BackerKit themselves.

Okay! Now onto the title of our update...

Pre-Order Store is Now Live

That’s right! The pre-order store is now live and available. You can click on the link here or you can click the convenient link at the tippy-top of our main page. This pre-order store allows for late backers to attain all the deals and items available to our backers. This pre-order store will remain open until we’re ready to ship, but these orders will not ship until after the orders from  backers who backed during the actual campaign. You might be getting the deals, but the early bird gets the package sooner! If you have ordered through the pre-order store, be sure to keep an eye on these updates. You have the same system as our backers for things like updating your address and general questions. 

That should be about it for the bookkeeping; let’s move on to news about the game!

Files are in the Printer’s Hands

The Nature Incarnate expansion is all set and ready to go on our end! Now, we have the files sent over to the printer for them to review and make sure that everything is perfect for when production starts. Not really much exciting stuff to say here, honestly! Things are moving right along right at the pace we thought they would. We’re happy to report that there is nothing causing any delays and we’re on schedule. Though if any of our more superstitious readers want to knock on some wood just in case… I’m definitely not going to stop you. I think we’re all a little leery of good production news after The Supply Chain Crisis That Technically Still Continues.

But hey! Good news! We’re going to do everything we can to keep it that way for you moving forward, and we’ll update you with any relevant information as the process continues

Until next time!




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