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Project Update: Horizons of Spirit Island Punch Board Panels

Hello everyone! Welcome back to an impromptu update. This one because the item arrived a little earlier than expected! The item in question? Punch board style panels for Horizons of Spirit Island!

These are available on our website, since they’re an accessory to an exclusive here in the US. But! I’m sure many of you are wondering how you can get this added on to your current order to save on shipping. It’s a little complicated, so I’m hoping to be able to explain it to you as best as possible.

For our Non-US Backers who included Horizons of Spirit Island, we are going to be sending out an entirely different pledge manager that will only have options for these panels. Why an entirely different pledge manager? It was the only non-complicated, no-possible-order-messing-up way to get the option of these panels to you! We wanted to make sure to give you the option to help save on shipping rather than just buying them from our store.

Which, speaking of, there will be no additional shipping charges or taxes for this product! Since our shipment is based on weight, you’d have to add a heck of a lot of these to increase your shipment costs. Please don’t do that.

What do you need to do to take part? Absolutely nothing but carefully track and answer your emails. That’s it! We know that filling out a second survey can be a pain, but we wanted to make sure to bring you this opportunity as soon as it was available.

Now, this is just a set of the Horizons Spirit panels —  it does not come with the unique power cards — so you will not be able to play the spirits without getting a copy of Horizons of Spirit Island. This is why we’re not opening the option up for US backers. It seems a little pointless to give you just some panels when the product is available right here on our website if you really want them!

To summarize:
  • Punch board style panels (and ONLY the panels, no cards) are now available for purchase!
  • Non-US Backers who added Horizons of Spirit Island will be getting a second survey for the option of getting these panels in their emails.
  • There will be no additional shipping charged for this item.
  • No further action needs to be taken by these backers beyond the normal survey answering.
  • US Backers will not be getting these surveys, only non-US backers.

As always the best method of contact is through our email at [email protected]. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

See you soon!




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