BackerKit will be moderating a panel at GenCon 2016 with game creators who have run successful crowdfunding campaigns on Friday, August 5. If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to run a campaign, join us! Attendance is FREE and you can sign up HERE.

In this series, we’ll be profiling some of the game makers who will be speaking on the BackerKit moderated panel.

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

“Brian Poel is the Director of Operations for Harebrained Schemes, video game developer of Shadowrun Returns and the upcoming BattleTech and creator of the Origins Award winning Golem Arcana. Over Brian’s tenure at HBS, he managed finances, manufacturing and shipping logistics for three Kickstarter campaigns of over 30,000 backers. In previous tours of duty in the industry, Brian was Business Manager for Wizards of the Coast’s D&D Insider for 4th Edition, Financial Analyst at Xbox, and Operations Manager for iPlay Games.”

Harebrained Schemes has had great success fully funding several campaigns on Kickstarter! Can you say a few words about why you think crowdfunding works so well for you?

“Crowdfunding gives fans the power to tell content creators the games that they want to see in the marketplace by voting with their dollars and their passion! Without crowdfunding, a traditional video game publisher would not likely have resurrected Shadowrun as the story-driven, turn-based CRPG that we made at Harebrained Schemes. Crowdfunding also removes barriers between creators and fans, keeping us connected throughout the game development process.”

What’s one piece of advice you would give to a creative who is thinking about crowdfunding for the first time?

“Don’t lose your shirt by not charging enough for making and shipping swag!”

Where can people find you at GenCon?

“Harebrained Schemes: Booth 2329

I’m an Industry Insider this year, and speaking on a couple of panels that you may be interested in…

Kickstarter 101

Friday, 4pm, room: 240


Practical advice, key resources, tips for pitching to publishers. Learn how to make the most of your Kickstarter project & how to avoid common mistakes.

So You Want to Start A Game Company

Saturday, 2pm, room: 240


You have a great idea & want to turn in into your livelihood. We’ll address the legal, business, marketing, et al. issues of starting your own company. Q&A”

We’re excited to have Brian share his experience at the BackerKit-moderated panel at GenCon! Don’t miss it!

BackerKit will also have a table at the First Exposure Playtest Hall – stop by and say hey!

Find Brian & all things Harebrained Schemes: