Yes, BackerKit will be at GenCon this year. What does crowdfunding fulfillment have to do with the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America?

Perfect Match: Tabletop Games & Crowdfunding

Tabletop gaming has always had active communities willing to support their favorite games and spread the word about new games. The combination of affordable price points, eye-catching artwork, and passionate community has made crowdfunding the perfect fundraising channel for tabletop games.

The category has exploded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and hundreds of game creators have used BackerKit to manage their backers and process their pledge rewards. We decided to attend GenCon this year to meet with our current customers and to make ourselves available to consult with new game creators that are just getting started with crowdfunding.

Meet with BackerKit

We will be located at the First Exposure Playtest Hall, the convention area set aside for game creators to playtest unreleased games. Game creators are welcome to come talk to us about their upcoming campaigns and regular convention attendees can visit to enter our free raffle for a chance to win credit applicable towards any BackerKit pre-order store!

We have just published new customer case studies for Evil Hat Productions, and Lay Waste Games. Check them out to learn how established game companies and new startups have saved time and raised additional funds using BackerKit.

If you’re not going to make it out to GenCon but you have a project and would like to talk, contact us and we’ll schedule a time to chat!