At BackerKit, we envision a world where anyone with enough drive and determination can make a living from what they create. Every day, we are lucky enough to see this world become a reality through the creators we work with. It has always been our mission to provide creators with the software, in-depth resources, and opportunities they need to bring their passion projects to life. BackerKit is designed to help at every stage of their crowdfunding journey, including before you launch with BackerKit Launch, during your campaign through unmatched Performance Marketing, and after you’re funded with our Pledge Manager. But we’re also discovering new and exciting ways to support this ever-growing ecosystem of online creators, makers, and entrepreneurs. 

Back in 2018, we decided to venture off the beaten path a bit and try something a little bold, a little funky, and very experimental. BackerKit launched The Creative Fund—our commitment to back every project that launches on Kickstarter for $1. While we know $1 won’t fully fund the dream, it’s our way of recognizing and supporting all the people who decide to put themselves out there. We personally know how challenging it can be to even get started. But we’ve found that receiving encouragement and support early on can really propel a project forward. 

To date, we’ve pledged over $85,000 to 81,000+ Kickstarter projects and counting! In fact, The Creative Fund is the most prolific backer in history. And in an effort to significantly impact individual projects, we built a community around this idea on Patreon.

BackerKit and The Creative Fund moving forward

The Creative Fund was momentarily paused as we explored new ways to make it grow and evolve. We think now is the time to get back in action. The Coronavirus pandemic has introduced new challenges for us all, but people across the world are figuring out positive ways to cope with the “new normal.” Some are using the time for introspection or to connect virtually with family and friends, while others are rediscovering old hobbies. Many people are choosing creativity

Our goal has always been to create space for creators, and the changing global landscape has brought into focus how important it is for us all to support people who are working on projects they’re passionate about. Innovative ideas and projects can bring light to times like these, and we want to continue to collectively discover new and amazing Kickstarter projects to support. 

Nominate and vote each month

Patreon is a platform that enables creators of all kinds to make money from their work as their audience—or patrons—make contributions. It’s also a great way for crowdfunding creators to keep their community engaged and connected between projects. Because Patreon is all about helping independent creators achieve financial stability while maintaining control over their work, it seemed like a natural fit for a BackerKit project like The Creative Fund. As a patron, you can contribute to the type of projects that you’d like to see in the world while also helping someone pursue their dreams. 

Each month, patrons of The Creative Fund (no matter what tier you choose) are able to nominate and vote for a single project to receive 100% of the funds we raise through our Patreon community (currently $135). We’ve learned about some truly amazing projects through The Creative Fund ranging from a rad video game featuring dinosaurs to a project providing new homes for honeybees. The internet truly is a wonderful place. As of today, The Creative Fund community has pledged to 11 projects, helping them reach their funding goal. But there are so many more that could use help.  

For April, patrons of The Creative Fund nominated five awesome crowdfunding projects and are currently voting on which one will receive our “Project of the Month,” which grants them over $100 towards their funding goal. Voting is open to all patrons, and April’s vote goes until Friday, April 17th at 2 pm PST.

As this month’s nomination and voting cycle concludes, we’re already looking forward to May. Here’s the schedule:

May 4th -7th: Nomination period

May 8th-11th: Vote for “Project of the Month”

May 12th: Announce “Project of the Month”

Visit The Creative Fund on Patreon to learn more and join the cause. Even if you are unable to contribute to the project financially, sharing the page with your family and friends is an excellent way to offer your support to the crowdfunding community. You can also get updates without pledging by hitting the follow button on Patreon. If you or someone you know is just beginning their crowdfunding journey, check out our webinar on Pre-Launch Do’s and Don’ts, to get tips on how to prepare for a successful campaign.

I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished with The Creative Fund—it’s the perfect extension of our mission at BackerKit—and I’m excited about what’s to come.


Rosanna Yau

Co-Founder, BackerKit