BackerKit and HAX have teamed up with Target Open House to host an event exploring what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign with a solid go-to-market strategy in mind.

On Thursday March 7th from 6-8pm (PST), meet leading experts in crowdfunding, product creation, and business growth featuring key members of the BackerKit and HAX teams. Together they’ll discuss the benefits of building community via crowdfunding on the path to retail.

Admission is FREE, but you must RSVP to guarantee entry:

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6:00pm – Doors open, networking
6:30pm – Panel Discussion followed by audience Q&A
7:15pm – Networking
8:00pm – Event concludes

About BackerKit:
BackerKit is a software company that equips crowdfunding creators with the essential tools needed to keep your backers happy, raise additional funds, and avoid headaches. Our software is used by thousands of crowdfunding creators who reached their funding goal on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, so we know a thing or two about what it takes to assemble a winning campaign.

About HAX:
HAX is an early-stage hardware investor and accelerator program. HAX works with startups which are building connected hardware products (health devices, enterprise IoT, Industrial Robotics, consumer devices). In addition to a $250K investment package, HAX takes each of its startups to its office in Shenzhen for rapid prototyping and product development to ramp teams up for manufacturing. Once their final prototypes are completed, startups head to San Francisco for additional fundraising.

About Target Open House:
Located in America’s tech hub of San Francisco, consider it your home for possibilities, built to show you just how to bring them to life. It is a place to experiment, purchase products, learn about possibilities and connect with creators. In the evening, Open House turns into an event space, hosting discussions, presentations and collaborations.

Don’t forget to RSVP on Eventbrite! Registration required for entry.