BackerKit and HAX recently teamed-up with Target Open House to host a panel discussion about what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign with a go-to-market strategy in mind.

Leading experts in crowdfunding, product creation, and business growth explored the benefits of building a community via crowdfunding on the path to retail.

Our expert lineup of panelists:

Justin Hannigan / VP Operations at BackerKit
BackerKit is a software company used by thousands of crowdfunding creators equipping them with the essential tools needed to keep their backers happy.

Ethan Haigh / Program Manager at HAX
HAX is an early-stage hardware investor and accelerator program that works with startups which are building connected hardware products.

Kevin Liang / Founder, CEO at ADI Ventures
Creator of the EcoQube ans Aspen GrowBox aquaponic and hydroponic systems. Kevin has crowdfunded over $1 million and has used BackerKit for every single campaign. 

JP Stoops / Founder, CEO at Pixl Toys
Pixl Toys is on a mission to develop affordable tech toys that get kids active and creative through technology you already have at home. JP used BackerKit for his crowdfunding campaign and is a member of the HAX program.

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