It’s Not Easy Being An Independent Creator

The internet has made it easier for people to start incredible projects—it has provided new opportunities for creators to make something happen faster and reach the world on a much larger scale. Thanks to the emergence of so many great platforms and tools, starting a project has never been more accessible. However, maintaining the momentum gathered from the start is still as hard as ever. We need to have a real talk about how to make being a creator not only accessible, but sustainable in the long term.

The Internet Helps You Find Your Biggest Fans

People have been making things since the beginning of time, gathering followers that believe in their ideas. Today, there is much less friction when it comes to making the things you always wanted. And it’s much easier and faster to discover who believes in your vision. The beauty of paving your own path is you don’t need one billion supporters to get things started. For the majority of us, great things come from small beginnings.

Creators Should Focus On Creating

We care that creators have the time to focus on their craft. Oftentimes, creators are not prepared for the realities surrounding the business side of things once a spark catches fire and can lose focus. We believe people put out their best work without these distractions making an even bigger and better impact in the world. While the BackerKit team helps a lot of crowdfunding creators, Bond is not exclusively about crowdfunding. There are a lot of challenges that our crowdfunding customers face that are similar to what other creators experience throughout the internet. The conversation we want to have isn’t just about crowdfunding, but the creator’s journey.The Creative Community Can Learn From Each Other

What unites our audience is a focus on independence, not one specific creative discipline. It’s a community made up of individuals working in product design, video games, tabletop games, music, film, animation, comics, journalism, and podcasting. As such, we want to encourage cross-discipline conversation and collaboration at Bond, and to help our attendees connect to a broader network of creative professionals and resources. What excites us about Bond are the lessons to be learned from the people who followed their passions as well as the enthusiasm from creators who are just about to start their journey.

Who Is This Conference For?

We want to create a space where we can have honest conversations with one another, with a focus on the realities of running your creative practice as a business on the internet. We’ll cover everything from establishing a community to building a sustainable career using crowdfunding and community patronage. Perhaps there is a project you’ve been meaning to start, or maybe you have already started building your company and want to learn more about manufacturing and fulfillment—we hope Bond is informative and inspirational no matter what stage you’re at in your creative practice.

By sharing each others’ experiences, we will be able to better navigate this creative journey together. It all begins by starting a conversation and making meaningful connections—so let’s make it a collaborative effort and trade stories, learn from one another, and figure it out together at Bond.

Please join us March 9th for the Conference, and March 10th for Office Hours—a day of conversation, advice, and short talks from knowledgeable experts and experienced independent creators.

Be sure to head to the official Bond website for more details and announcements including our lineup of speakers and presenters. Space is limited, so reserve your tickets today!