Last week the BackerKit team attended CES—the world’s most impressive display of innovative tech. This year at CES, we had a booth within Eureka Park joining over 200 crowdfunding creators displaying their newest products. I can safely say the booming crowdfunding presence we witnessed last year was back and in full force.

Once again we saw Indiegogo, in partnership with Ingram Micro, make a splash on the showroom floor. They were lending some sage advice on how to accelerate your business and become a more effective entrepreneur. We also spent some quality time at the HAX booth as they helped guide entrepreneurs looking to bring their hardware to market. And while Kickstarter didn’t have an official booth setup this year, we saw their team passing out coveted “Best of Kickstarter” awards throughout the week.

So Many Crowdfunding Creators at CES

After four straight days combing the Eureka Park showroom floor at CES, we had the opportunity to visit dozens of our crowdfunding customers. Here are just a few of the awesome booths we visited:ces gnarboxGNARBOX 2.0 – Rugged Backup Device For Your Camera

A huge standout on the Eureka Park floor was the Hardware Club aisle featuring several amazing startups including GNARBOX. Seeing the GNARBOX 2.0 in person was quite impressive. It’s a sleek, yet rugged, device to backup your camera footage while on-the-go. It’s a really smart piece of technology that lets you focus on your footage without bulking up your kit with a laptop. ces wyndWynd – The Smartest Air Purifier For Your Home

Unsurprisingly, another BackerKit friend was boothing within the Hardware Club aisle. Wynd has run 2 successful projects on Kickstarter featuring portable and at-home air purifiers. It was impressive seeing the Wynd Halo and home purifier in person. It really is an amazing product that ensures you and your family are breathing in nothing but the best!snapmakerSnapmaker – The All-Metal 3D Printer

It was a joy spending time with the Snapmaker team learning more about their versatile all-metal 3D printer. They really are 3D printer market leaders and displayed a genuine passion for the products they create. The Snapmaker is an affordable, durable, and fun-to-learn 3D printer that’s perfect for your desktop and/or workshop. ces pigzbPigzbe – Helps Kids 6+ Develop Great Money Habits

The Pigzbe “piggy-wallet” is a really fun product. It’s the evolution of the piggy-bank adapting to the digital age! Part physical, part digital, the Pigzbe experience is a fun new way to teach children about earning, saving, and spending money. The level of interaction between family members was impressive, and the physical device was fun to use. Where were these when I was a kid?

Are You Planning to Crowdfund Your Idea in 2019?

The BackerKit team always has a blast at CES visiting our crowdfunding friends and meeting the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups.

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