When the Coronavirus turned into a pandemic, we heard from Kickstarter creators that they were hesitant to launch their projects because of the fear that backers wouldn’t back their crowdfunding projects, so they delayed their launch by a few weeks.

From our last week’s analysis, we didn’t see any indication that backers were not backing, but suspect that it was because creators were not launching their projects. For the creators who did decide to launch, their backers showed up and even helped these successful campaigns exceed their funding goal in the first few days of launching.

This week, we continue to see pledges rising. As you can see from the chart below, the total delta of pledge dollars are going up, with the first half of the chart illustrating April 6-12, and the second half on the right was last week, April 13-19. The goal line is the average of a normal pledge amount in 2019.  BackerKit-Pledges-April-13-19

For a more zoomed out view, below is a chart of the delta of pledges between April 1-19. Large spike on the left is due to Frosthaven and projects launching on April 1, with heavy backer pledging, which is typical on the day a project launches.



Some highlights of projects that launched this past week and are currently trending (April 13-19):


Tabletop Games


Final Girl by A.J. Porfirio
Raised $93,073 from 1,094 backers with 25 days to go
Trending to raise $332,521

Quest Decks: Adventure Cards for your RPG Games by Dice Dungeons
Raised $60,626 from 1,379 backers with 24 days to go
Trending to raise $195,495

Raised $50,433 from 729 backers with 19 days to go
Trending to raise 201,322.98




Ekster Key Holder – Say goodbye to lost keys and clutter by Ekster Wallets
Raised $108,513 from 1,666 backers with 1 month to go
Trending to raise $244,843

MagnetCubes-Modular magnetic blocks with dynamic marble run by DesignNest MagnetCubes
Raised $97,480 from 1,078 backers with 1 month to go
Trending to raise $253,551

7-in-1 Travel Cutlery Set by Colapz
Raised $38,147 from 1,026 backers with 23 days to go
Trending to raise $102,899




B2 Mask: Superior Respiratory Protection by Breathe99
Raised $169,357 from 1,362 backers with 16 days to go
Trending to raise $419,847

Kiko : Little Clinic In Your House by Magpie Tech
Raised $23,489 from 146 backers with 2 months to go
Trending to raise $189,893

Mahaton – World’s First Portable Smart Toilet Sterilizer by Mahaton
Raised $21,988 from 208 backers with 24 days to go
Trending to raise $63,797


During these uncertain times, a lot of people are asking us how the current Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the crowdfunding ecosystem. BackerKit is in a unique position where we have strong connections to prolific crowdfunding creators, backers, partners, influencers, and data insights that no one else has in this space. 

It is our mission to always share useful information and make tools that help creators and backers. We’d love to hear your feedback and/or receive any tips on patterns you see happening within crowdfunding. Please reach out at [email protected]. We will continue to share our new findings directly to the community as they develop.  


A few helpful resources we’ve put together:


Ways to stay connected on the health of crowdfunding during these times:


Take care of yourself and each other.