Greetings from BackerKit—recently back from LA after attending PatreCon by Patreon!

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid doing the things they love. Any creator can join and invite their fans to subscribe, and pay them each month. Patreon threw a conference for their creators: PatreCon. At PatreCon, creators explored the creative journey, met fellow creators, and learned more about making it as an artist.

BackerKit was invited to PatreCon to talk about how creators can connect with their fans and increase their monthly Patreon income by offering physical rewards. BackerKit co-founder Maxwell Salzberg has worked with thousands of creators over the years, and was thrilled to connect with singers, makers, artists, podcasters, and creators of all kinds. He talked about how many creators ask their patrons to increase their pledge levels to receive a special gift such as a work of art, or exclusive merch.

Max’s presentation unveiled a Beta that allows creators to detect monthly pledge data, collect rewards details, and access a dashboard for fulfillment.  These features make it easy to distribute physical items to patrons.

BackerKit offered this Beta exclusively to PatreCon attendees.