Create an ideal backer profile

Now that you’re following people in the game industry, you’re ready to identify who your ideal backers will be.

What kind of person is most likely to back your project? It’s ok if you don’t have the answer yet. However, it is crucial that you take the time to identify your target audience before you launch. The tabletop category covers so many different genres and types of games. It isn’t enough to simply say that your target audience is “people who like tabletop games.” 

It’s impossible to reach everyone. When you narrow your focus and home in on your ideal backers, it’s easier to market your game because you’ll know exactly where to look for these people and how to speak to them. It also makes the game development process easier because you’ll understand this core group’s needs and how to delight them. 

An ideal backer profile is a document that will help you visualize your target audience. You can start yours by answering the following questions about your future backers:

  • Who are they? (Age, location, etc.)
  • What’s important to them? 
  • What are their online habits? 
  • What are their buying habits?
  • What are their challenges?
  • How are their needs not being met? 

All the data you collect should be factual, so you’ll have to do some research. To get this information, you can ask people in relevant Facebook groups and other online communities, survey or poll the people on your email list, check out the feedback backers are leaving on the Kickstarter pages of games similar to yours, or ask your playtesters down the line. 

Consulting the below backer profile template will help you choose which strategies to adopt throughout your campaign, so it’s important that you get started on it right away.


Ideal Backer Profile Template

Download and fill out this free template that we've created for you or use it as inspiration for your own profile.

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Now that you’ve created an ideal backer profile, and companies, you should identify your key team members.

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