Identify your key team members

Now that you have a better understanding of your ideal backer, you can begin thinking about your team.

From campaign page design to marketing — there are so many tasks that are unrelated to actually designing your game that you’ll need to complete to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. For projects raising less than $10K, you may be able to do most of the work on your own with some support from family, friends, and community members you’ve met so far. But as projects scale and you start aiming for more ambitious funding goals, you’ll likely need the help of a larger team of professionals and expert crowdfunding services. 

When looking for team members, focus on these five core spheres of expertise:

  • Storytelling (requires copywriting, video production, graphic design, and photography skills)
  • Community (requires an understanding of and dedication to building relationships on social media, online forums, and events)
  • Marketing (involves running ad campaigns, sending emails, and pricing your game)
  • Media relations (requires an understanding of how to craft pitches to the press and follow up with contacts)
  • Project management (requires time-management, financial management, prioritization, and interpersonal skills)

It will be up to you to assess which tasks you’ll be able to handle on your own and which will require outside help. Remember, you’ll want to fill out your team with people who have different areas of expertise than your own. And while it isn’t necessary to only work with people with tabletop experience, having some team members who understand the landscape will help you create a campaign that resonates with your audience.


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Now that you’ve identified your key team members, and companies, you should create a landing page to start collecting emails.

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