The Creative Fund launched this summer to support and recognize all creators who decided to put themselves out there. What initially started as a crazy experiment, resulted in us being the most prolific backer in history. Over the past few months, we’ve supported every single Kickstarter project that launched which is currently 19,541 (7,124 which have been successfully funded) and counting.

Since we’ve started, we’ve received thousands of written messages from creators saying thanks for believing in them whether or not their project reached their funding goal. The Creative Fund brings together a community of people who see the importance of supporting independent creators of all shapes and sizes. We now have a platform to make sure that no project goes unsupported!

Launching The Creative Fund seemed like a natural response to our larger mission of helping creators do what they love. For over 6 years, we’ve helped hundreds of creators manage their crowdfunding projects as BackerKit, and we recently hosted our Bond conference, where seasoned creators shared their stories and offered practical advice. We get excited about finding new ways to encourage people to start the project they’ve always been meaning to do, and now, The Creative Fund is our new way to celebrate their creativity.

We’ve spent the past few months collecting feedback from our early supporters on how we can make a bigger impact. Based on the overwhelming amount of feedback we received, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be adding a new $10 “Nomination Tier” on our Patreon page. Participants can now nominate any live Kickstarter project to receive a large pledge from The Creative Fund equal to how much money we’ve raised per month. And if you’re a patron at any tier level, you will be able to vote for who gets the extra funds each month.

The Creative Fund community continues to grow and every patron is helping shape what it can become. Join The Creative Fund community today and see what impact we can have on the creative community, together.The Creative Fund Community