Awesome ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Thanks to the internet, there are infinite ways for people to pursue their passions on their own terms.

A driving force for independent creators over the past decade has been crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, which provides a space for ideas to get funded. However, we believe there is room for the online creative economy to become more diverse and accessible to all creators, especially those just starting out. This is why we are launching The Creative Fund, which supports the entrepreneurial spirit of all independent creators, one dollar at a time.

After carefully considering what was in our ability to support creators on Kickstarter, we decided to pilot The Creative Fund by pledging $1 to each and every project on the platform. After one month and thousands of heartfelt responses, we felt the need to make this pledge a reality.

Now, we are kicking things into high gear and we invite everyone to join us in making a difference. That is why we are launching The Creative Fund on Patreon, so supporters like you can easily join the cause. For every $2,000 we raise, we will pledge an additional dollar to each new project. 100% of the funds raised goes towards independent creators around the world.

Feeding the Big Fish and the Small Fish

Theoretically, crowdfunding is accessible by anyone with an idea and an internet connection. However, opportunity is not always equal and online fundraising efforts can reflect the inequalities of the offline world. It’s important to show support and security for everyone who puts themselves out there with the desire to create something new and innovative.

We love crowdfunding, and want to see it grow. There are countless amazing ideas being presented to the world everyday, and we want to shine light on every project, big and small. Supporting as many people as we can promotes a more expansive creative space with more diversity and room to grow.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

There has never been a better moment to let the world know you support independent creators and creative thought. Everyone deserves representation. Everyone deserves visibility. Everyone deserves some inspiration and a virtual high-five.

Join us in making a difference in the creative community:

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Rosanna Yau & Maxwell Salzberg
The Creative Fund