BackerKit Changelog: September 2017

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Changelog highlights recent updates and additions to the BackerKit backer management system.

Improved Welcome Page

  • We redesigned the welcome page to include information about the original crowdfunding campaign.

Improved Share Page

  • We now include project updates on the share page when backers finish their survey.
  • We now include links to the project creators facebook and twitter account on the share page when backers finish their survey.
  • Backers can now post a message (with emojis!)  to other backers on the share page.

Improvements to the Add-On Page

  • Re-organized the ‘Balance’ section of the cart to make it easier to understand payments and credits.

  • Backers now see the most popular add-on for their pledge level highlighted on the add-on page.

  • Backers can now see the cost of shipping for add-ons with shipping tables on the add-on page.
  • Backers can directly add add-ons to their cart if there are no variant choices.

Improvements to backer pages

  • Refunds from credit card transactions are now shown when viewing a backer.

Bug Fixes/Improvements:

  • Improved paypal checkout for the pre-order store.
  • Fixed incorrect “raised in BackerKit” amount displayed in pre-order stores.
  • Fixed links created in tweets if the project does not have pre-order store enabled.
  • Creators can now delete a fulfillment channel if all packages have been deleted.
  • Updated the layout of the share page on desktop and mobile.


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