Product Update: Dec 5, 2018

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

New Backer Accounts

Recommendations tab on the new Backer Account

Introducing the all new Backer Account. Read our blog for a more in-depth look.

  • Backer Account backers can now explore our most recent BackerKit Staff Favorites.
  • Backer Account backers can edit the interest categories for their recommendations.
  • Backer Account backers experience a new onboarding on how a Backer Account works.
  • Backer Account backers can view their confirmation page for their active projects.
  • Backer Account backers see a “Welcome Back!” banner when getting new surveys.
  • Backer Account backers see a redesigned Settings page for their account to make it easier to add payment methods and update shipping address.
  • Backers can now navigate to their Backer Account directly from a survey.
  • Backer Account backers can now remove payment information.
  • Backer Account backers who do not confirm their account will receive a reminder email.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Creators can now include the “Raised in BackerKit” amounts on their pre-order store
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly removed files that backers uploaded to add-on questions when returning to a survey.
  • Fixed a bug that made the input field appear incorrect when editing shipping regions.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing issues with scrolling on iOS on a pre-order store.
  • Fixed a bug that made sorting on a pre-order widget not appear correct.
  • Creators can see the project name when switching pledges on a backer profile.
  • Fixed the segment filter for “Backers with shippable SKUs”