Product Update: Jan 9, 2019

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Backer Account Recommended Projects Email

  • Backer Account holders who have opted in will get a weekly email of their “Trending for you” project list. This feature is slowly rolling out over the coming weeks.

    “Recommended for You” email

Project Copier

  • Creators can now easily copy add-ons, pledge questions, and/or shipping profiles from one project to another. This makes it easy if you are setting up a Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo InDemand project, or if you want to copy add-ons from an older project into your new one.
    • Creators can access this by navigating to

Global Backer Search

  • Via the All Projects Page, you can now search for backers and view all the projects they’ve backed.
  • If a backer writes in with a question, you can easily see which projects they have backed without having to search each of your projects individually.
    • Creators can access this at the top of

Pre-Order Abandoned Cart Conversions

  • Creators can now see how many reminder emails were sent and how effective it was at reminding potential pre-order purchasers that they did not finish their checkout process.

Abandoned Cart conversion rate

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • “Your password has been reset” emails no longer send when creating a Backer Account the first time.
  • Pledge items now appear in alphabetical order when a backer is on the add-on page in a survey.
  • Stretch Goal add-ons now correctly show information before clicking into the add-on.
  • Easyship Export has been updated to better integrate with Easyship.
  • Creators can no longer hide all variants for an add-on as this was causing issues when backers ordered the add-on.
  • Creators can no longer change their currency as this was causing problems when switching from the currency of their original platform.