Product Update: Jun 7, 2019

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Tax Rules

  • Creators can now create Tax Rules which will charge backers an additional “Tax” amount based on their country and/or state.
    • Backers will see this as a separate line item on their confirmation
    • Creators can see more tax breakdowns in the Accounting export Tax Rules

Shopify Integration (Beta)

  • Creators can now push completed orders over to their Shopify store.
    • This will allow creators to use any fulfillment methods they have set up on Shopify.

Upcoming projects

  • Launching a new crowdfunding project soon? You can tell us by clicking “Launching new campaign?” on the left navigation.
    • By providing a few details, you’ll be first to know about any upcoming BackerKit features and offers that can make your upcoming project a success

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused add-ons to have incorrect SKU associations in rare cases