September 2020 – Friend Referral Program & More

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Product Updates covers what the BackerKit team has been building for BackerKit Launch, Performance Marketing (Ads and Newsletter), and Pledge Manager, as well as global BackerKit account changes to better serve Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding creators.




  • Spread the word with our Friend Referral program: Have a friend who should use BackerKit? It’s now easier than ever to share out a friend code. Creators who sign up using your code will have their setup-fee waived and we will donate a $100 pledge on your behalf to the project of your choice.
  • Getting backers where they need to be: Backers who’ve accidentally logged in as creators will see an “are you a backer?” error message on the creator login form. Clicking the message will direct them to the correct experience.  
  • Tell us what you think about the BackerTracker extension: We’re trying to make BackerTracker better! Now, when viewing a campaign’s funding progress, you’ll see a message requesting feedback. 
  • Collecting more draft project information during signup: When we have more information about a project pre-launch, we’re able to better serve creators. Now, when a creator signs up with a draft project, we’ll check in to get the launch date and other important campaign details.  
  • Combine the power of BackerKit Launch and BackerKit Ads: Launch is here and it’s a great co-weapon to use with Ad services! When looking at your Ads dashboard, you’ll see a new section, showing how much you’ve raised in Launch. 
  • Bug fix: We’ve fixed a bug that prevented large creators from importing new projects into BackerKit. 



  • New self-serve Member uploads: Creators can now upload CSVs of their email lists from Mailgun or elsewhere directly into BackerKit to reach out to their community.  


Performance Marketing Ads & Newsletter

  • Learn how to optimize ad assets: We’ve updated the BackerKit Ads onboarding process to help set creator expectations and share recommendations on the types of assets we need to make the best ad experience possible. 


Pledge Manager

  • Zendesk support for multiple projects: Have multiple BackerKit projects associated with the same Zendesk account? Now when that integration searches for backers, it searches across all matching BackerKit projects instead of just one! 
  • Bug fix: When a creator views a backers survey, they will no longer see a Backer Account login screen.