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7 months ago

Project Update: Nature Incarnate is about to cross the sea!

Let’s celebrate, folks, Nature Incarnate is shipping! That’s right, the expansion is on its way! To us, that is. It has to make its way to our warehouse before we can start sending it to you. So, we aren’t completely down to the wire on changing addresses. We’ve got about a month of it crossing the ocean, then a few weeks to get to here in St. Louis. 

And, of course, we still have the Nature Incarnate foils as well as Premium Token Pack 2 that are still wrapping up production! They should be finishing up by the end of this month and then they’ll be on the shipping path as well.

What does this mean for getting addresses updated? We’re not to the final call yet! We tend to allow address changes all the way until all products have arrived at our warehouses. But! You should be updating your address as soon as possible. Be sure to email [email protected] with your new address. Have a unique circumstance where you aren’t sure what address to use? That’s no problem! Let me know your circumstances via email and I’ll be glad to help!

Short, sweet, and great news this month! Can’t wait for what else is to come!






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