Bailey (xir/xir/xirself)
6 months ago

Project Update: Get your addresses in now! Nature Incarnate is on the way!

Yes, that's right! It's here much sooner than expected! We here in St. Louis are going to be shipping out the orders for those of you who ordered just Nature Incarnate and the foils starting next Monday, June the 19th. Thus, you have until that Monday morning to get your final addresses in and updated! That means that some of you who were anticipating July deliveries may have to update your address again. No worries, you know what to do: reach out to [email protected]

In fact, please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] for any address (or otherwise) related reasons!

What about our foreign friends? Same as above! Board and Dice already has your Nature Incarnate! You may have different shipment timelines from our US friends, but you won't be too far off now. We're still waiting on information on other distribution centers, but we're obviously getting close to the wire! Get those surveys finished and addresses in!

We're so excited to get this shipment underway! We'll see you next update!





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