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Project Update: Premium Token Pack #2 and Aspects

Hello again to all 10,402 of you and welcome for our first-timers! We’ve got a short update for you today as we get ready to wind down here for the final week. Only a few days to go! Many of you have had questions about two particular things: the premium token pack #2 and the aspects. Let’s go over those very quickly.

Premium Token Pack #2

First, let’s go over the exact contents of the token pack. They are: 
  •  7 Incarna Tokens
  •  24 Deeps Tokens
  •  18 Vitality Tokens
  •  20 Quake Tokens
  •  72 Element Tokens
  •  8 Strife Tokens
  •  6 Badlands Tokens
  •  8 1-Energy Markers
  •  12 Fear Markers

Now you know! But what exactly do they look like? Well, we’re still in the process of designing them, especially for those Incarna tokens. We don’t have any final images yet for some of them. But, we do have a previous product that shows you exactly what you can expect.

Premium Token Pack 1 is available both as an add-on here on BackerKit and for sale on our website! They are wooden token versions of the cardboard variety that come with the game. Here’s a component shot of the current tokens that we have so you can get an idea of what you’re getting into.


Another question we’ve gotten quite a bit is about aspects. We couldn’t possibly have time to talk about every single one of them throughout the length of this campaign. (Unless you wanted this campaign to go on for months? Which no one wants. I hope?) 

So, without further ado, here is a complete list of all twenty Aspects in Nature Incarnate, along with a bit of gameplay teaser info. You’ll see some familiar names of things we’ve talked about before, but also some brand new and exciting things! 

  • Dark Fire - Shadows Flicker Like Flame: Shadow and Flame are one
  • Deeps - Ocean’s Hungry Grasp: Return the island to the deeps, one land at a time
  • Encircle - Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves: Predators lay in wait, surrounding their prey
  • Enticing - Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares: More dreams, fewer nightmares
  • Haven - Rivers Surge in Sunlight: A place of peace and rest for Dahan and Invaders alike
  • Intensify - Shifting Memory of Ages: Strengthen your powers by tapping into past memories
  • Lair - Lure of the Deep Wilderness: Trap Invaders in your lair, using them to bring you more
  • Locus - Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island: Focus the Island’s Spirits on the place of your stirring slumber
  • Mentor - Shifting Memory of Ages: Pass on lessons from your past to your friends and allies
  • Nourishing - Vital Strength of the Earth: Revitalize the earth, the Dahan, and yourself
  • Regrowth - A Spread of Rampant Green: Your destroyed presence shall return to the land
  • Sparking - Lightning’s Swift Strike: Inspiration strikes
  • Spreading Hostility - Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds: Punish the Invaders for trespassing in your lands
  • Stranded - Shroud of Silent Mist: Invaders have lost their way in the ever-shifting mists
  • Tactician - Thunderspeaker: Prepare for the Invaders in advance
  • Tangles - A Spread of Rampant Green: Wilds tear down the Invaders’ buildings
  • Transforming - Heart of the Wildfire: The fire is a crucible of change, for better and for worse
  • Unconstrained - Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves: Your beasts roam wherever they find prey
  • Violence - Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares: Fill their dreams with your unbridled wrath
  • Warrior - Thunderspeaker: Fight alongside the Dahan with your Incarna

There we have it! Something straightforward as we get ready for the big, beautiful revel of our final. Spirit. Tomorrow. I know! Our final Spirit! Can you believe that the final Spirit and the final days of the campaign are already here? I know, a month just flies by. We’re excited to show you this one tomorrow as it’s one of the most interesting and complex Spirits to date! See you tomorrow!




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