Below, is a simple overview of how the BackerKit survey works for both project creators and backers; each flow compliments one another. Let’s get started!



1. Set up BackerKit.

imageYou can set up BackerKit for your project any time after you launch your campaign. Tour the BackerKit survey to demo the process if you haven’t launched yet or are thinking about doing a campaign. BackerKit is a flexible system that can accommodate for many different situations! Different projects have different ways to set up, so check out our Putting your BackerKit project together post to get a better idea on how you should set up your project.


2. Wait for campaign payments to process

imageWait the recommended period of time for payments to process. In the meantime, finish setting up BackerKit for your project if you haven’t done so already.


3. Invite your backers

imageSend out your BackerKit surveys, and use our easy-to-use remind feature to send friendly reminders to backers that need to complete their surveys.


4. Fulfill

imageGet item counts for manufacturing and complete backer order lists, so you can begin to ship and make your backers happy 🙂


5. Repeat

imageBackerKit not only makes it easy to handle all the common crowdfunding issues in one sweep, but it also helps you get to your next awesome project even quicker. Work smart, deliver fast, and create more projects!





1. Receive an email with your special invite link.


When you send your invites via BackerKit, each backer receives an email with a special link inviting them to BackerKit.


2. See a summary of your pledge.


Once a backer clicks on their special link to BackerKit, they are sent to their backer Summary Page, which tells them information about their pledge, like if they are short any funds, or have over-pledged and have credit to use.


3. Answer survey questions for your pledge tier.


Your backers can answer any survey questions that you’ve created for specific reward tiers, or just general questions for your backers.


4. Select and purchase add-ons.


Backers who have over-pledged during your campaign can now specify which add-ons those additional funds should go towards. Also, backers have another chance to purchase more add-ons and pay for forgotten shipping fees!


5. Confirm your shipping address.


After leaving the add-ons page, backers can confirm their shipping address. If you’ve specified for certain reward tiers to not ask your backers for their shipping address, those backers will simply not see this page, and go straight to the Confirmation Page. BackerKit also automatically verifies US addresses.


6. Review and edit your order.


After the backer goes through the entire BackerKit flow, they will arrive to the Confirmation Page where they can review and edit their order, and receive an email confirmation. If a backer ever needs to make changes to their survey questions, add-ons, shipping address, or anything else at all, they can always come back and adjust things before the lockdown process.

We hope this guide has been helpful for you in getting your project set up and good to go. If you have any questions, drop us a line!