We recently hosted Bond, a conference that explored how independent creators and entrepreneurs can make a living following their passions through crowdfunding and community patronage. We featured an eclectic lineup of 8 speakers who all shared their inspiring stories and unique perspectives.

Indhira Rojas is the founder and Creative Director of Anxy Magazine—a beautifully designed, bi-annual publication about mental health, explored through a creative lens. Anxy shares stories that bring us together by not shying away from our challenges, our successes, and all the imperfections that make us human.

Below, Indhira gives a truly powerful and inspirational talk at Bond 2018 about her experiences leading up to the creation of Anxy Magazine and beyond.

Indhira recently launched a brand new Kickstarter Campaign to fund the third issue of Anxy Magazine. This issue explores the relationship between personal boundaries and our mental health.

To learn more about Indhira’s journey leading up to her latest Kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out her awesome guest post on the BackerKit blog!

The above BackerKit Bond conference video was produced in partnership with MailChimp. Video production by Searle Video with video thumbnails by Myleen Hollero.