Crowdfunding is a great way to raise awareness and build strong communities. Global warming, gender equality, racial oppression, protecting animal rights. These are just a handful of topical projects BackerKit is working with Pro-Bono. BackerKit strongly believes in supporting campaigns with a mission to make a difference, and provide our services to them completely free.

Agua de Luna is on a mission to better the quality of life for women in Mexico creating job opportunities through sustainable design. To learn more, we asked project co-creator Sofia Villarreal some questions about her crowdfunding journey.

Why did you decide to crowdfund on Kickstarter?
The Someone Somewhere Kickstarter campaign drove us to the idea to begin with. Since we knew one of the collaborators of the company we went to him for advice on creating our own crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter.

What are some projects that have inspired you?
We are inspired by projects that are trying to create a better tomorrow like Tonlé and projects that go back to the root and essence of its country. And we like seeing projects that do this with some kind of a modern twist. Another great example of this is Caralarga.

How did you decide on textile work in your effort to support social and environmental change?
We studied Textil Design, so it was a way to consolidate our passions and work towards making a positive change in our industry.

agua de luna mexican woman textile design

What’s your favorite reward item and why?
We absolutely love the Statement Piece and the Textured Loom. Both are eye catchy, fun to make, and really translate the spirit of Agua de Luna.

What is the long-term goal for this project? Any new announcements?
Our long-term goal is to empower women across Mexico. We hope to open specialized workshops on financial counseling, family guidance, and integration. We hope this will better help their overall way of life. The more educated we are, and the more united we become, will all lead to the creation of a stronger and better Mexico.

How can those interested in your cause get involved?
Contact us via our e-mail or official Agua de Luna Facebook page. We love to collaborate and meet new people everyday. Let us know how you would like to help or how we can help you.

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