During Gen Con 2019 we got to spend some quality time with Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower — a network of video and audio podcasts dedicated to board games. We discussed the importance of building a dedicated community, the benefits of crowdfunding a tabletop game, and the value of BackerKit throughout the process.

Video Guide:

0:28-1:00 What is The Dice Tower?
1:02-1:43 What are The Dice Tower seasons on Kickstarter?
1:44-3:00 How do you build community and engage with them?
3:10-5:05 How has Kickstarter changed the board game industry?
5:14-7:14 How Has BackerKit helped you?
7:15-7:26 Board game recommendations and gaming marathon details.

Be sure to learn more from Tom Vasel on The Dice Tower website and his youtube channel to gain access to an unparalleled catalogue of podcasts, video reviews, top 10 lists, and much more.

And check out the most recent Kickstarter campaign for The Dice Tower: Season 15.

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