BackerKit is showing up at Gen Con 2022 in a big way this year! We’re ready for one of the world’s largest tabletop games conventions where we will be trying our hardest to not buy everything we get our hands on. We’ll be in Indianapolis from Wednesday August 4th through Sunday August 7th running our amazing booth, playtesting a slew of new games, handing out our Exhibit Hall Passports (more on that below), and hosting a dedicated crowdfunding panel featuring some truly AAA guests.

gen con 2022

BackerKit is sponsoring the FIRST EXPOSURE PLAYTEST HALL at Gen Con this year where we have a booth and will be available to talk shop about crowdfunding your game. We’ll also be playtesting tons of games, some of which have never been seen before now!

Featured playtesters so far include: 1985 Games, Asmadi Games, Arcane Wonders, Incredible Dream Studios, Jason Anarchy, Maestro Media, Publishing Goblin, Tim Fowers, Skybound Games, XYZ Game Labs, and more!

Be sure to stop by and say hello to the BackerKit team and mark us on your map!BackerKit gen con 2022

gen con 2022

This year we’re bringing back the BackerKit Exhibit Hall Passport—your guide to 9 amazing booths featuring companies bringing new games to life via Crowdfunding by BackerKit.

How it works: Pick up a BackerKit Exhibit Hall Passport at our booth in the FIRST EXPOSURE PLAYTEST HALL, or from any of the participating booths mentioned below. Get a unique stamp for each booth you visit, and once you get all 9, return to BackerKit for a limited edition prize! Spoiler alert: it’s awesome pins and stickers designed by artist Kyle Ferrin (Artist behind Root, Vast, Oath, Arcs, and more!).

This year’s participants include:

Asmadi Games – BOOTH #1619
We make great games so you don’t have to! One Deck Dungeon, 1001 Odysseys, Innovation, and coming directly to BackerKit this fall: Aegean Sea by Carl Chudyk!

Cephalofair Games – BOOTH #257
Cephalofair Games is on a quest to make super amazing games that minimize randomness and reward player savvy. Gloomhaven, Frosthaven and soon Miniatures of Gloomhaven.

Coyote & Crow – BOOTH #2422B
Native led and created TTRPG set in an alternate future where colonization never happened. Coyote & Crow, and soon Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands.

Greater Than Games – ICC Room 1401
We pride ourselves on publishing engaging, richly-themed and highly replayable tabletop games. Sentinels of the Multiverse, Spirit Island, and soon Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate!

Leder Games – BOOTH #1337
We are a spunky indie board game publisher with asymmetric tendencies. Vast, Oath, Root, Arcs, and soon something new coming directly to BackerKit.

Monte Cook Games – BOOTH #2519
We love the power of imagination. We love to build stirring vistas, craft great stories, and inspire dreams of other worlds. Numenera, Cypher System, and soon The Weird.

Restoration Games – BOOTH #1635
We take out-of-print games from the 60s through the 90s and bring them back for the modern gamer. Fireball Island and live now Return to Dark Tower 2nd Printing + Covenant Expansion.

TeeTurtle – BOOTH #1440
We create products that bring people together, promote self-expression, and foster genuine moments of delight. Unstable Unicorns, Casting Shadows, and soon something new.

XYZ Game Labs – BOOTH #1831
We create games with quirky themes & tricky decisions. Borderlands: Robot Tea Party, BIGFOOT: Roll & Smash, ArchRavels, and soon ArchRavels: Magic Socks.

Be sure to pick up a passport and claim your prize upon completion!

gen con 2022

We’ll be hosting a panel called How to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign on  Saturday, August 6th at 1:00 PM EDT located in ICC: Rm 233.

Are you planning to run a crowdfunding campaign soon? BackerKit is here to help set you up for success so you can hit that launch button with confidence. We have powerful tools that can help you throughout your journey before, during, and after your campaign ends. And now you can bring your next project to life by running your entire campaign on Crowdfunding by BackerKit.

Let’s talk about what it takes to build a strong community, dispel some myths about crowdfunding, and discuss the things you can do right now to be successful. Our main presentation with our panelists will be followed by live Q&A with our attendees in the audience.

This year’s featured guests include:

LaTia Jacquise
Social Media Coordinator, Monte Cook Games

Lauren Nepomuceno
Director of Communications, XYZ Game Labs 

Connor Alexander
Coyote & Crow Games, Owner

*Hosted by Jason Furie (Senior Community Manager, BackerKit)

RSVP NOW (Seats are limited)

We’re excited hang out with all the gamers and game makers who are as passionate about tabletop gaming as we are. See you all at Gen Con 2022!