Today is an exciting day as we announce a completely new product called BackerKit Launch—the best way to make sure your project is as successful as possible.

About a year ago, we noticed that more and more successful crowdfunding projects are coming from creators who have had successful projects before. That got us thinking: what do seasoned creators know and do to drive so much success, and how can we help more creators get funded like them?

The secret: seasoned creators effectively harness their existing communities and backers to support them. Backers are your biggest fans, and they’re eager to support you in whatever you make. They pledge early, they share your project with their communities, and they set the pace for your whole project.

Turns out, even seasoned creators who launch a project every year were making a dangerous assumption: backers that had backed their previous projects would obviously back their new one. No brainer, right? After looking at the data in Launch, we discovered that that assumption was wrong. Although seasoned creators sent announcement emails and posted updates on their past projects, there was a huge opportunity to engage with (and draw pledges from) the community that had already supported them.backerkit-launchThat’s why we built Launch. Launch is the best way to make sure your new project gets funded by harnessing your biggest fans: your backers. With Launch you can:

1. Get valuable insights into how returning backers impacted your past projects.
2. Use our email marketing tools to get those backers to pledge to a new project.
3. Directly connect with Kickstarter or Indiegogo and see real-time pledge behavior.

Even the most experienced creators have used Launch to draw in their previous backers. Peak Design used BackerKit Launch for their biggest project to date, Travel Tripod. Their existing backer list made up 28% of their pledges, leading to their largest project to date at over $12M.

But Launch isn’t just a great tool for seasoned creators. First-time creators can use the landing page feature to collect email addresses and start building their community early. Customize the page and share the URL anywhere you might connect with potential backers.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned from these seasoned crowdfunding creators and built something that is helpful to EVERY creator. Even if it’s your first project, Launch provides you with valuable insights into the strength of your email list so you can launch with confidence.

Give it a try today and get valuable, tailored insights into your own audience list!backerkit launch