When BackerKit Crowdfunding launched in 2022, we set out to provide a space where backers and creators were able to really unite around a campaign. For the past year, we’ve been excited to witness the level of collaboration and engagement happening on our platform. Just recently, Mini Museum’s supporters joined its creators for a live chat during their Launch Party, where they shared stories, asked questions, and exemplified the type of interaction we love to see. On BackerKit, creators are bringing their passion projects to an enthusiastic community of backers who aren’t just financial supporters. These backers are offering invaluable feedback, conversation, and, at times, even helping shape campaigns.

Among the incredible backers bringing our platform to life, there is an exceptionally dedicated group of people who deserve recognition: the Star Backers. These backers go above and beyond, having pledged their support to multiple BackerKit projects. Their love for crowdfunding and commitment to the creators on our platform is inspiring, and we want to celebrate them.

BackerKit’s Star Backer Program

We’re thrilled to announce a new program we’re kicking off this year to show our gratitude for our Star Backers and reward them. Anyone who backs ten or more projects on BackerKit by the end of 2023 will earn a special digital badge that will be displayed in the BackerKit app, indicating their status as a Star Backer and an indispensable member of the BackerKit community. As an additional token of our appreciation, each Star Backer will also receive a custom enamel pin to celebrate their achievement.

Star Backer Program Details, Terms, and Conditions

  • To receive your 2023 Star Backer digital badge and physical enamel pin, you must back ten or more BackerKit Crowdfunding projects by December 31, 2023.
  • Anyone who has already backed ten or more BackerKit Crowdfunding projects in 2023 prior to this announcement qualifies for Star Backer status.
  • You will be able to see how close you are to becoming a Star Backer by logging into your BackerKit account, going to the User page, and then clicking “View your Profile Page.”
  • Pins for 2023 Star Backers will be sent in early 2024.

We have a diverse lineup of projects launching in the next couple of months, so there are still plenty of opportunities for you to support great crowdfunding projects and become a 2023 Star Backer.

This is just the beginning of this program, and we hope to see it grow in the coming years. As we prepare for 2024, the BackerKit team will continue to find new ways to show our appreciation for the backers who are supporting the dreams, passions, and ingenuity of the creator community.BackerKit star backer