It’s always been important for us at BackerKit to learn what the most successful creators are doing during their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, and then share that information with everyone. One way we’ve recently been doing this is through BackerKit crowdfunding webinar content. Over the past year, we’ve run 10 webinars, featuring guests that include Jonathan Ritter-Roderick from Lay Waste Games, Kerry Rundle McIver from Panda Game Manufacturing, and Tom Dadourian from LaunchBoom.

We’ve also been exploring new ways to get those valuable insights out into the world, so we all can succeed. Most people don’t have a direct line to the top creators, influencers or experts in the crowdfunding community. But we want to change that. We’re excited to announce a new 1-hour livestream show, We’re Building This Together, where viewers will have the opportunity to learn from people who know what it takes to develop, plan, and launch a successful campaign.

In each episode of the series, viewers will be treated to what’s essentially a casual, but in-depth crowdfunding masterclass. Similar to past BackerKit webinar presentations, we’ll be speaking to some of our creator friends, industry partners, and other experts about how they contribute to the crowdfunding ecosystem. Our special guests will give presentations on topics that are the most important to creators and backers. After the presentation, there will be a live Q&A, where viewers will have a chance to dig a little deeper into the topic and interact with our guest. 

Community is essential to crowdfunding. At BackerKit, the idea that we’re all building this together has always been one of our core values. When we all connect with each other and share our wisdom, we can start to pave the way for the next big project. Over the years, we’ve spoken to thousands of creators, and have discovered that there’s so much to learn — whether you’re new to this or you’ve done it multiple times. There are always new ways to refine what you’re doing and take your campaigns to the next level, so you can continue to launch successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Through this show, we’ll be sharing the insights, personal experiences, and other best practices that will help you reach your goals, and help us all create a stronger, more informed community.

We invite you to follow us on Crowdcast to get more information about upcoming episodes of We’re Building This Together and check out past BackerKit crowdfunding webinar presentations. We’re Building This Together will premiere on Wednesday, May 20th at 11am PST. Julio Terra, CEO of Launch Studio and former Head of Design & Technology Outreach at Kickstarter, will be our guest. He’ll be discussing how to build long-term value with your Kickstarter campaign. We hope you’ll join us! crowdfunding webinar