After a crowdfunding campaign is funded, a whole new set of challenges emerge. From managing mountains of backer data to ensuring rewards get to the right places on time, the fulfillment stage can be complex. Indiegogo knows better than most how complicated this part of a creator’s journey can be, which is why we’ve teamed up. We are pleased to announce that Indiegogo has named BackerKit its exclusive pledge management partner.

Giving creators the tools for post-campaign success

Indiegogo is a longtime leader in the crowdfunding space, enabling entrepreneurs to bring their unique ideas to life. Every day, innovative projects — from new tech to film, and practically everything in between — find the audiences and funding they need through the platform. When Indiegogo campaigns are successful and hit their goals, BackerKit is able to keep the momentum going, helping creators deliver their products to backers and earn additional funds. 

Post-campaign missteps can be costly and affect a creator’s relationship with their backers. This is why this partnership between Indiegogo and BackerKit is so important to us. 

“Indiegogo’s partnering with BackerKit will allow our clients the smoothest possible post-campaign process, and happiest backers,” says Indiegogo CEO Andy Yang.

“I’m super excited to be working with Indiegogo as their premiere pledge management partner,” notes BackerKit Co-Founder Maxwell Salzberg. “Since 2013, when we first announced support for Indiegogo, we’ve helped thousands of creators make their amazing projects real. We’ve already helped over 847 projects and 1,846,371 Indiegogo backers. By partnering directly with Indiegogo, our integration can provide more value for creators in helping them raise more money, fulfill faster, and further delight their backers.”

It should be noted that BackerKit still fully supports Kickstarter projects and creators. This new partnership, however, enables us to provide more members of the crowdfunding community with the resources and tools they’re looking for.

Looking to the future

We are consistently inspired by the projects we see on Indiegogo. Park & Diamond, MATRIX PowerWatch 2, HYDROW, and Philips PicoPix Max are just a few of the successful projects that we’ve worked with. We’re looking forward to connecting with new Indiegogo creators through this partnership, and providing them with the tools to streamline their post-campaign operations. 

Features Indiegogo creators can harness with BackerKit

indiegogo backerkit

Indiegogo creators who use BackerKit can count on the following features:

Address Verification 

Backers’ shipping addresses may change before creators are ready to ship rewards. BackerKit’s address validation software lets them update their information, and ensure everything is shipped to the right place. 

Order management

Import backers directly from Indiegogo to BackerKit, and use our all-in-one dashboard to track surveys, process payment, update backer credit card information, keep track of special requests, and more. 

Upsells after the campaign has ended

Sell add-on items and set up a pre-order store to raise more money from backers and people who missed the campaign. 

Collect taxes and VAT

Charge taxes based on country and/or US state. Add VAT through BackerKit for EU-friendly Indiegogo campaigns.

Shipping and fulfillment integrations

Instantly process orders for third-party logistics services with our fulfillment partner integrations.

We are excited to be working with Indiegogo to support crowdfunding campaigns that are bringing cool ideas into the world. If you’re an Indiegogo creator, we’d love to talk to you, and see how we can help you have the strongest campaign possible.indiegogo-backerkit